Help us save the flight school of “Rimini Flight Club”

Rimini: The flight school must go on!

Save the Rimini Flight School
Let’s make the Rimini Airport work

90 Years ago “Rimini Flight Club (Aero Club Rimini ASD)”, a no-profit organization,  helped to build Rimini’s civil airport. Today, the actual managing company of the airport (Airiminum Spa) Is trying to evict the “Rimini Flight Club” from his own areas, preventing us to continue our educational and cultural activities on the territory.  We ask all of the citizens of Rimini and of the Riviera of Romagna, all the world of flight, all the aviation workers and anyone who thinks he can be of help to protect the airport of Rimini, to help us with a small contribution to support our fight against the arrogance of a power that would cancel 90 years of history of our school in the name of a speculation that brings no benefit to the territory.


During the last years our No-Profit  flight club (Aero Club Rimini) has been involved in a legal dispute with the new managing company of the airport (Airiminum Spa) that is trying to evict the club from the area where it was built 90 years ago, in 1928!

Last July 27,  the Italian Council of State issued an Ordinance establishing that for now the “Aero Club of Rimini ASD” has full right to occupy the area, at least until the decision on the merit of the case that will be discussed in the month of October 2018. This will give us some more time to defend ourselves and hopefully to prevent a piece of Italy’s Aeronautic history to disappear, but we need everyone’s help.

We need help in spreading this news, help in involving anyone that can support our fight, and help in donations to cover our legal costs.


We believe that we have full right to continue to be part of the “Rimini Airport” life.

Not only because it was our club that gave birth to the airport, that built the first landing strip and that created the first management company who has operated the airport for over 50 years, but above all because it has always played an institutional and educational role for the training of amateur and professional pilots, the promotion of aeronautical culture and it represents a pool of technically competent people with respect to everything that happens into the airport ground.

The actual airport management company (Airiminum Spa) failed to reach In the last years the target number of passengers that they promised when they took control of “Rimini Airport”.  This negatively impacted the investments into the Airport itself and damaged all the economies of the surrounding areas due to the lack of benefits that a functional airport could have supplied. What’s worse, there is not a single signal of hope that things will change for better in the near future.

We are not particularly interested if “Airiminum Spa” makes a profit or not  but we do not want to see the local economic system suffer because of their failure to bring the number of passengers that they promised.  At the same time we do not want to become the scapegoat of their worrisome and inconclusive handling of “Rimini Airport”.  We will not allow them to take the land of our club and our School only to fix their company economic issues.

Our is not only the battle of a small group of nostalgic aviation enthusiasts, but a struggle of principle and truth that we wish to be shared to the whole aviation world, aeronautic lovers and all other Italian Areo Clubs, many of them reduced in our same situation and also risking foreclosures.  And while all of this is happening in Italy, the entire aviation sector of northern Europe is growing at an exponential speed with the pride and the satisfaction of the institutions of the relative countries and territories that enjoy these structures and services.

Our Flight Club must stay where it is, with all the rights to continue its history.


Until now to pay the costs of the lawyers and of the court we have repeatedly self taxed ourselves and sold the fleet at our disposal.  Even is such a dire situation we have always been able to keep the flight school open thanks to a plane donated by one of our members and thanks to the hundreds of hours of free time donated by everyone else to keep the Club and the School functional.

Every school is a place of personal growth and education; closing one, whatever the reasons, is a defeat for the Society.


But now, to  continue this legal battle we need your support.

We address our request of support to the citizens and tourists that love our territories, we address it to the flight enthusiasts of all Europe and of the world, and finally we address it to anyone who believe that everyone has the right to seek justice and to be able to defend themselves.

Help us to fight to keep our school and club open.

Any contribution, anyone and  any help is welcome.


Thank you.

Aero Club Rimini ASD